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Installation of Aurora switched-mode power supply for Roland MKS-80

SKU 114-install-aurora
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Product Details

Installation of Aurora power supply for Roland MKS-80 including earth bonding kit. Includes free phase correction of balanced XLR outputs, if required. Buyers will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity / Test Certificate. The former has the option enter the installer's name, date of installation and the serial number of the MKS-80 into which it'll be fitted.

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Aurora is available with two types of Board B. The conventional Aurora Board B comprises mains protection and filtering. Aurora Board Bx however, also has an on-board CR123a battery holder allowing you to do away with the back-up battery on the CPU board. There are three main advantages to this; a CR123a has a considerably larger capacity than the original CR-1/3N. In fact you'll probably never have to change it in your lifetime! Secondly, in the event that the battery leaks, battery acid will NOT go all over your precious CPU board. Finally, it's soooo much easier to check the battery voltage and doesn't require lifting the two MKS-80 voice-boards. More info' here.

APRIL 2021 - Aurora is now available with the V06 data cartridge slot reinforcing plate. If your MKS-80's data cartridge slot is broken, V06 could be the fix you've been waiting for! If your MKS-80's data cartridge slot isn't broken, then make sure that it never will by putting 2mm of solid steel behind it. Read more here.

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