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Special Plasma Music mega upgrade bundle for the Super-JX

SKU 112-bundle-super-jx
£1 250.00
In stock
Product Details

Plasma Super-JX upgrade package including supply, build and installation of Guy Wilkinson's P0004 power supply for Super-JX and OLED Super-JX display module, Fred Vecoven's Super-JX Flash module and PWM upgrade (free V01 bracket supplied for MKS-70) and the Live-forever battery mod for the Roland JX-10 or MKS-70.

UPDATE - 15th November 2020 - I am now adding the option for you to include the replacement of the chorus chips in the JX-10 and MKS-70. These are now becoming noisy.

Fortunately, there are replacements available. Modelled on the original MN3009, the new versions made by Xvive are made using modern manufacturing techniques and they sound quite amazing! Read more here.

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