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PRODUCTS - With over forty years of electronic design and manufacturing experience, mostly in the audio industry, I still love taking on challenges and winning! For me, designing something and seeing it through to a commercial product, is as creative as writing and producing in the studio. Under PRODUCTS, you can browse through the things I make to help musicians, producers and engineers, along the way. 🙂

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Super Nova PSU for the Roland Juno-106

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Product Details

Super Nova is a modern switched-mode power supply for the Roland Juno-106.

Super Nova is the world's first switched-mode power supply for the Roland Juno-106. Easy to install, cool running, safe and reliable and VERY quiet, Super Nova also comes with my Live Forever memory back-up battery mod'. A battery is NOT supplied with Super Nova. It's difficult to post stuff with batteries so make sure you buy either a CR123 or a CR123a lithium battery.

Super Nova is hand-made by me in Hemel Hempstead, Great Britain. Units are built to order so please be patient although I will keep you updated on the progress of your order.

When your Super Nova is ready to ship, you'll be e-mailed a Test Certificate / Certificate of Authentication.

Full user installation instructions available after purchase.

Super Nova installation instructions are now available in German.

Die Installationsanleitung für Super Nova ist jetzt in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

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