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Alexander Bhinder of Plasma Music Limited
This is me - Alexander Bhinder

My name's Alexander Bhinder (Alex) and I've been recording music for myself and friends since 1985 and in 1999, I established Plasma Music Limited, initially just as a record company for my own musical projects.

Things grew quickly and after hearing some of my stuff, I was recording more than just friends' bands! Ten years later and I had to move out of the bedroom at home where it all started.

With a background in electronics and a passion for music, I've developed some quite unique perspectives on music production over the years. I modified a lot of equipment that I bought and even today, I have a reputation for pushing the boundaries of gear, all in the pursuit of getting the best recordings and performances.

I'm fussy and aspire to perfection and I'm honest. Combining all that, means that I'll tell you when you need to 'do it again'. If you're good, then there's no excuse for settling for a "that'll do" recording and as far as I'm concerned, effects should be used to enhance the best takes and not hide the worst.

I’m very concerned that now-a-days, we all want convenience and often that means sacrificing quality without us even being aware of it. Computers and gadgets are great but let’s not lose focus of what we’re trying to achieve.

With over thirty-five years of music production experience, I seriously know what stuff is supposed to sound like! As such, I get involved in virtually all aspects of recording and live music, leaving artists free to concentrate on their performance.

While music production is my main thing, I’m also a very keen and passionate photographer. With that inevitably goes graphics design and even website design. In fact I’ve been doing all that for over twenty years.

Married with two daughters, I consider myself very lucky to have a family that allows me to pursue my passions.