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Property Photography

Property photography at Plasma MusicThis is a service I offer to anyone who's selling a property and looking for high-quality photography. Although I also contract to traditional high-street estate agents, with the advent of on-line property services such as those offered by the likes of Purple Bricks and Yopa for example, most of my customers tend to use the latter and are looking for the best pictorial representation of the property that they're selling.

Property photography at Plasma Music
This was a let property. Tenants moved in within a couple of weeks of me taking these pictures

My rates are fixed at £400 plus VAT (£480) and are not based on property size, number of rooms, etc. My only restriction is that I limit this service to south-west Hertfordshire. Apart from the actual picture taking, images are processed and I provide optimised, Internet friendly pictures as well as high-resolution copies for print.

Sometimes natural lighting isn't quite right, or there may be a few bits 'n' pieces that I would recommend need sorting out, so I may visit a property more than once but there's no additional charge. It's all part of the service to get the best pictures.

I have a considerable portfolio but hope that the examples shown will provide a good idea of what I do.

So, if you're selling a house or flat and your looking for property photography, then please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss.