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Upcycled Audio


Upcycled Audio at Plasma Music

Plasma Music's Upcycled Audio project is my humble attempt to buck a relatively recent trend of throwing away perfectly good gear for a variety of reasons, while at the same time offering audio enthusiasts, modern convenience with traditional quality and style.

Like many, I find the "It's broke, buy a new one" or "It's old tech" attitudes, upsetting, hypocritical and quite honestly, extremely vulgar, especially with everything that's going on with planet Earth at the moment. Over the past thirty years or so, stuff has been designed with obsolescence built in as manufacturers regularly compete to shove the latest style and convenience down our throats. In fact, a whole generation has grown up prioritising convenience over quality.

To that end, I'm currently re-engineering and prototyping a series of retro gear items which I hope people will like. Perhaps not all them will reach fruition and become part of my Upcycled Audio product range. Perhaps not all them will be everyone's cup-of-tea. On the hand, the stuff I'm doing will hopefully give some otherwise unwanted but quality vintage equipment, a new lease of life.

As soon as I've built and tested a few of my ideas, I'll post them here and on Plasma Music's Facebook page so stay tuned to find out more. Yes, I know I'm being a little cryptic but if you get where I'm going and the idea appeals to you, hey perhaps you even have ideas of your own, please don't hesitate to get in touch.