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Annual Leave 2024

MY NAME:Alexander Bhinder
POSTAL ADDRESS:Plasma Music Limited
53 Wootton Drive
Hemel Hempstead
United Kingdom
LANDLINE TELEPHONE NUMBER: +44 (0) 1442 395614
MOBILE TELEPHONE NUMBER: +44 (0) 7786 265053
VAT NUMBER:(GB) 852 9855 78
EORI NUMBER:GB852985578000

My name is Alexander Bhinder (Alex). You can read about me here. If you think there's anything I can help you with, then please don't hesitate to message me.

I give support to people all over the world and dealing with time zones on the other side of the planet can be challenging. So that I can help as many people as possible and spend some time with my family, I kindly request that telephone enquires be restricted to 09:00 - 17:00 GMT, Monday to Friday? Thank you.

If you have questions about my services, you may find answers here.

IMPORTANT NEWS - 10th March 2024

I've recently had several e-mails returned to my Outlook. All of them were to Yahoo e-mail addresses. I am of the understanding that this is a Verizon issue and also affects AOL and as Verizon owns all of them.

Could I therefore, kindly ask that Yahoo, AOL and Verizon e-mail users use a different, e-mail address until this gets sorted?