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Can I install your upgrades myself?

All my products are designed to be installed by anyone with a reasonable degree of related technical knowledge, experience and general competence. Some basic equipment is also necessary.

Safety is paramount. Being at the heart of any system, when installing any one of my power supplies for example, particular attention to safety must be paramount.

Despite the fact that most of my products are accompanied by a fully illustrated and detailed installation manual, I appreciate that things might not always be clear, especially if English isn't the customer's first language. I'm therefore always happy to help and I'm only an e-mail or a WhatsApp call away.

Where applicable, installation instructions supply a list of necessary tools and equipment.

If you're unsure as to whether or not you have the technical expertise to install one of my products, I strongly suggest that you seek out a local tech'.

Alternatively and if costs permit, you may want to consider sending your equipment to me, for the installation. Please just contact me if you think this may be a option.