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Do your products have any kind of guarantee?

Firstly, anything I make for the UK market, carries a statutory 12-month warranty. THAT IS THE LAW. I actually don’t think that’s good enough. Indeed, I stand by my products and with my customers!!!

Secondly, everything I make is tested, prior to being packed and shipped. Things like my power supplies are tested for twenty-four hours. The last thing anyone wants is for something not to work after it's potentially been sent halfway across the world!

I've been doing this since 1985. I love what I do, the environment I work in and my customers mean everything to me. Quite honestly, if you have an issue with a product that you've purchased from me, please don't hesitate to get in touch so that we can sort it all out.

It doesn't matter if you live in my road or on the other side of the planet. It doesn't matter if you paid for a product yesterday or five years ago. And it doesn't matter if you spent 20 GBP or 2000 GBP. What matters are virtues like trust, honesty, integrity and confidence. These things are as important to me as much as they are to you.