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How has BREXIT affected trade with the EU?

Well, wasn't that a big mistake! Why on earth did the UK leave the EU? It's made life for small businesses like Plasma Music Limited, quite a bit more difficult.  Anyway, we all need to get on with, I guess.

Okay, so now VAT is NOT applicable on sales to the EU but EU customers may have to pay import duty.

VAT is a standard percentage of the selling price; 20% here in the UK, 19% in Germany, 22% in Italy and four rates in France, for example.

Import duty however, is in my experience, considerably more unpredictable and I'm afraid I simply am unable to estimate charges for different countries. It also should be noted that couriers often charge a 'processing' fee when charging import duty. Hmm... of course they do!

When customers send me equipment to be repaired, I request that they select 'Export for Repair' on the customs declaration. This avoids me paying customs duty when I receive the item.

When returning equipment that has been repaired, I select 'Return After Repair' on the customs declaration. This means that if import duty is charged, the customer will only pay for the work I have done (the price on my invoice) and will exclude the value of the item that was sent to me.