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Fireface 800 Power Supply repair at Plasma Music - audio repairs in Hertfordshire

Many will know that I'm a mega-big RME fan. Stylish, reliable, oozing sonic excellence in abundance and very easy to use, RME interfaces like the Fireface 800 are just so transparent.

Every six or seven years however, the power supplies on these systems pack up. Delivering a reliable but significant output, they do get hot and despite the use of high-temperature tolerant components, time takes its toll. Symptoms range from flashing lights on the front panel, to  the unit not powering up at all.

Anyway, I can fix 'em. For a flat £50.00, I can get your FireFace 800 or similar generation RME box, up 'n' running again. It's well worth it. These interfaces are just great. Just contact me.

Fireface 800 Power Supply repair at Plasma Music

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