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OLED and VFD Super-JX display module

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Product Details

Guy Wilkinson's OLED module (images 1 and 2) for the Roland JX-10 or Roland MKS-70 is quite simply, stunning. His VFD module (image 3 and 4) is even better but is more expensive and takes a lot longer to install.

Price includes supply of OLED / VFD module.

NOTE: With the VFD module installation into MKS-70 (not JX-10), I now offer my V01b mounting bracket. This means that I won't have to drill holes into your MKS-70 front-chassis BUT it can only be used if you have a P0004 power supply fitted. That's because it occupies the same space as the original transformer. The V01b mounting bracket also ensures very secure mounting of the VFD controller-board utilising all four screw points as opposed to two, if mounted to the front-chassis.

IMPORTANT: If you wish just to purchase the OLED or VFD module for the MKS-70 or JX-10 to install yourself for example, please visit here.

If you wish to purchase the OLED or VFD module separately and just want me install it into your Super-JX, please contact me.

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