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I ordered off your on-line store. How long will it take until I receive my order?

The average time between an order being received and processed to shipping, is about two weeks. When things get busy, this can double, I'm afraid so I'd kindly ask that you be patient.

Almost everything I supply is built to order which means that the first thing I do when an order is received, is procure the components required to build it.

I purchase things like printed circuit boards in small batches of usually five or ten. PCBs for smaller items like Eclipse or my CR2032 adapter for the Marshall JMP-1, are bought in batches of fifty or a hundred.

Plasma Music Limited isn't a big company employing loads of people. Being a 'micro business' designing and manufacturing peripherals for a rather small market (vintage music technology), means that I just don't have the resources to buy in significant quantity of components, for example. Hence, I'm unable to hold substantial stock. On a side note, that's also the reason why my stuff may seem a bit pricy; buying components in quantity, inevitably reduces the respective unit cost and I just can't do that, I'm afraid.

Anyway, things sometimes get delayed, especially when distributors don't have everything I need for a specific build in stock. When that happens, I have to go on the hunt.