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CR2032 Adapter for the Marshall JMP-1

CR2032 adapter installed in Marshall JMP-1

Desperately trying to remain modest, it seems I've developed a bit of reputation for the work I've done to keep the Marshall JMP-1 going for another thirty (or more) years. Indeed, I often receive e-mails requesting I look into various aspects of this legendary MIDI valve pre-amp. One request I receive a lot has led me to develop a CR2032 adapter for the Marshall JMP-1. This replaces the factory soldered battery, with a clip CR2032 holder allowing for the battery to easily be replaced.

CR2032 adapter for the Marshall JMP-1
CR2032 adapter for the Marshall JMP-1

While readily available several decades ago, CR2032 batteries with solder tags have dropped out of fashion and even if you can find one, there's a good chance that it won't be exactly the same as the one that fits in your gear. As I often say "the nice thing about standards is that there are so many to chose from".

Original battery in Marshall JMP-1
Original battery in Marshall JMP-1.

My little CR2032 adapter for the Marshall JMP-1 takes care of that, well at least in the JMP-1. 🙂 It's not rocket science but can make life a little easier.

Unfortunately the main PCB has to be removed to fit this adapter and that's not an easy job. It's a process which requires time, patience and of course, the right tools but which is detailed in the installation manual, available after purchase. In fact, the installation manual goes into so much detail, it's ended up being the most comprehensive manual I've written for something so incredibly small!

Marshall JMP-1 main board
This bad boy doesn't come out too easily but don't worry; my installation manual is quite detailed.

To prevent tilting during battery swap, there's a couple of self-adhesive rubber pads underneath of the adapter PCB which make it very secure.

CR2032 adapter installed in Marshall JMP-1
Fits like a glove and perfectly secure thanks to the rubber pads underneath the PCB.

IF YOUR JMP-1'S BATTERY ISN'T DEAD, THEN PLEASE DO REMEMBER ONE THING BEFORE REMOVING IT: If you have stored presets in your JMP-1, you MUST back them up prior to removing the battery, otherwise they'll be lost.

If you need to reinitialise your JMP-1, here's how:

  1. Switch off JMP-1 via the power button on the far right.
  2. Hold down the OD1 button and the CLEAN 1 button.
  3. While holding down these buttons, switch on the JMP-1.
  4. Wait a few seconds while the display flashes and then release the OD1 and CLEAN 1 buttons.

Marshall JMP-1 Factory Reset

Now then, you're JMP-1 might NOT reset! Yes, that's right. If your machine is locked, performing a factory reset will be useless unless you unlock your JMP-1 first.

To check the memory protect status of your JMP-1, simply try to save a patch. If the display shows 'St L', then your JMP-1 is locked and you will need to unlock it prior to performing a factory reset.

Unlocking is simple. Just follow this procedure:

  1. Try to save a patch.
  2. While 'St L' is displayed, press the <CHANNEL> button.
  3. The unit will unlock.
  4. You can now perform a factory reset as above.


While you're here, you may find it useful to know how to dump the entire memory of your JMP-1 to a sequencer or sysex package like MIDI-Ox or SEND-SX.

  1. Just connect the MIDI OUT from your JMP-1 to the MIDI IN of your sequencer or computer's MIDI interface.
  2. If using a computer, select that port in your sysex package.
  3. Now just press <Patch> and <Volume> simultaneously on your JMP-1.
  4. THE END!