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Birthday 2021

Yesterday, 4th August, was my birthday. My youngest daughter Tsunami has moved back home after finishing university and my eldest daughter Katana, kindly came down from Manchester for a few days.

Soon after breakfast, the girls disappeared only to call me to the house that will be the location of the new studio.

Seriously?!?!?!? A frigin' Marshall fridge!!!! OMG!!! 😀

Marshall fridge for my birthday

The kitchen at the new place has been ripped out and the kitchen / diner is being prepared for something a little more streamlined and efficient, let's say. Now I can't wait to get things finished so I can install my new appliance. 🙂

As if that wasn't enough, when we got back home, amongst the lovely cards from friends and family that were on the coffee table in the lounge, was what appeared to be a picture all wrapped up.

I opened it and got the chock of my life! My wife Julie had commissioned my good friend and excellent artist to paint this:

Portrait of Alexander Bhinder 2021 by Tony Burlinson

It's a million times more amazing in the flesh and I'd just like to thank Tony and Julie for getting together and delivering this magnificent piece of art.

Thank you Julie, Katana and Tsunami for making this the best birthday ever! 🙂

UPDATE - 17th February 2022

The kitchen was completed in the New Year and the fridge, which is now full of Becks and Pepsi, looks like it just belongs.

My new Marshall fridge finally installed February 2022