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Nebula-X Prototype PCBs Have Arrived

Nebula-X prototype PCBs just arrived

Yes, I'm very excited as my Nebula-X prototype PCBs have arrived! 😮

After developing Nebula balanced outputs for the MKS-70 in 2021, I received a lot of requests to do the same for the JX-10.

With considerably more issues to overcome and also wanting to address the noise picked up before the jack-board in the JX-10, I wanted to do more than just offer balanced outputs.

Like Nebula balanced outputs jack-board for the Roland MKS-70, Nebula-X is intended to provide balanced outputs for the Roland JX-10.

Nebula balanced outputs jack-board for the Roland MKS-70
Nebula gives the Roland MKS-70 balanced outputs and upgrades the MIDI hardware.

Since MIDI hardware resides on the jack-board and again, just like I did with Nebula, I've improved the MIDI circuitry using modern components.

Nebula-X Rev. 1.0 Design Preview showing MIDI activity indicator
Nebula-X has a lot of the cool things that I used in my Nebula MKS-70 design.

Today my Nebula-X prototype PCBs have arrived so it's going to be a busy few weeks as I build this, make sure everything fits, test and confirm that the theory I'm implementing to combat JX-10 noise, actually works.