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Not impressed with Amp Wiring

Dodgy diode in Vox AC15HW

I'm taking a few weeks off next month so that I can complete my new premises (yes, it's more than two years) and I'd like to get as many units back to customers as I can before 1st September. Things like this dodgy amp wiring seriously don't help.

This Vox AC15HW came in smelling bad and the customer saying that it had started smoking. It was evident that the power transformer had fried. While doing the swap-out, I noticed the little fella (diode) pictured below, sitting uncomfortably close to a fuse. This just looked really bad so I decided to put a jacket on it (bottom picture). Better safe than sorry, eh?

Dodgy diode in Vox AC15HW Fixed

I have a feeling that this amp had been repaired before so I'm reluctant to point the finger at Mr. Vox, on this occasion. 🙂