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Okay Google, switch on my computerOccasionally I build a batch of things which I put up here for sale. It's not worth me puting up an on-line shop just yet, so if you want anything, just contact me.

Anyway, recently I built a bunch of smart momentary switches which will allow you to turn on your computer from your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Just say "OK Google, switch on my computer" or "Alexa, switch on my computer" and it just happens!

This item is basically a kit comprising some parts which need to be attached to the header on the motherboard inside your computer. Hence, this kit is ONLY suitable for computers which have an accessible motherboard and a standard motherboard header. UNFORTUNATELY THIS KIT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR LAPTOPS, TABLET PCs, STICK PCs AND MACs.

Since parts need to be attached to your computer's motherboard, a basic proficiency of working with computer hardware is required. If you're not confident to open up your computer and move a couple of bits around, then either find someone who is or think again about buying this.

Hey Google, switch on my computerIncluded is a small ABS box which contains the electronics and which has an integral USB lead for power, a USB power supply, a standard PCI back-plate (this should fit most ATX sized cases) and a connection cable which connects the box to your computer via standard 3.5mm jack plugs. Oh and a link to download full instructions (in UK English only, I’m afraid), are also included.

I can't exactly call this box an OK Google switch on my computer box! Instead, I'm just calling it 'SMS' which stands for Smart Momentary Switch.


Yes, that's right! I make a version of this gadget which can be used to open and close your electric garage door via your Smart Home (Google Home Assistant or Amazon Alexa).

So how much do they cost? £69 including postage to UK mainland. That's a bit more than I'd like but I hand make these myself in small batches.