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Replacement output level selector switches for the Marshall JMP-1

A replacement output level selector switch for the Marshall JMP-1, is something I get asked for quite a lot so after quite a bit of trial and error, I'm delighted to announce that a replacement is now available.

Marshall JMP-1 Output Level Selector Switch (outside)

Geesh the originals were bad! The body of the switches that Marshall used comprised two separate plastic components that were 'clipped' together. Of course, the switch has a spring inside and it's quite common for this spring to pop, thereby making the switch body explode. Once that happens, it's kinda game over.

The body of this replacement Marshall JMP-1 output level selector switch is a single piece of tough plastic and the build quality makes it considerably more robust than the original.

Replacement Marshall JMP-1 Output Level Selector Switch (installed)
Much more robust than the original, these replacement output level selector switches will last a long time.

Once the board is out, my drop-in replacement switch is easy to install and will last a lot longer than the originals.

The switches even come with the square shaped button already attached to the shaft but... if you still have the original button and would prefer that, then you can swap the buttons over.

Currently, this is the DPDT version and is only suitable for the Speaker Emulated outputs and the Master outputs. Being a TPDT switch, the level selector switch for the effects loop is a little different but as soon as I find a replacement, I'll make that available too.

My switch is available to buy here:

If you have any issues with your Marshall JMP-1, please don't hesitate to contact me. 🙂