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Thank You


If you've bought an item that requires shipping and it's good to go, I'll get it out to you as soon as I can and let you know when it's on it's way to you.

If you've bought an item that needs building (such as Aurora, Supernova, Galaxy, Eclipse, Nebula, etc), I'll order components right away, get started on your build as soon as they arrive and keep you posted on how things are progressing.

Towards the end of your build, I'll send you an e-mail attaching any documentation that would be associated with your purchased product, or a download link for the same. If you don't receive an e-mail with documentation attached or a download link, PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER!!!!!

If your item is over 50 GBP, you will also receive a tracking reference, when the goods have been dispatched. For smaller items below 250 GBP, I tend to use Royal Mail. Larger items or items that require cover over 250 GBP are sent via a shipping agent (Transglobal Express).

If you've bought a service, no doubt we'll be liaising a lot in the near future!

If you have any questions or if you're unsure about anything, please just call or message me.

UPDATE – 12th August 2023

It’s very humbling when people from all over the world buy stuff that you’ve designed and hand-built. The lovely e-mails I receive, really do make it all so worthwhile. ❤️

Success can however, be a mixed blessing, sometimes. It’s been quite challenging this year for example, to keep up with the demand. There’s no way I’d compromise quality or cut corners because, well... it’s just not me! As such, things are taking longer to get out of the door.

I therefore ask new customers who have just bought stuff, to be patient.

Of course you're always welcome to contact me.

T H A N K  Y O U