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Worst Courier Ever Award Goes To ParcelFarce

ParcelForce or ParelFarce

Here's yet another example of why Worst Courier Ever Award goes To ParcelFarce.

I’ve been desperately waiting for a shipment of my PML-TX01 replacement transformers for the Marshall JMP-1, to arrive. I have customers who are also waiting!

PML-TX01 back in stock

The transformers are made in the very same factory that made the original Dagnall TXMA-00014 transformer. The factory is in Europe which means I need to import them into the UK. Unfortunately, the UK leg of the shipment is handled by ParcelForce, a UK courier who I only hear bad things about and which fills me with dread every time I have anything to do with them.

Last week I received the expected letter informing me of customs duty charges and appreciating the urgency of the shipment, I paid this straight-away (including the 12 GBP handling fee), on Tuesday 20th February 2024. I was of the understanding that the parcel would be delivered within twenty-four hours.

Not having heard, let alone received anything by Thursday, I thought I’d see what was going on. Using the ParcelForce portal, I checked the status of the shipment using the tracking number and was promptly informed that the parcel was waiting for customs duty payment. Okay, so perhaps my payment didn’t go through and so I went to pay (again) using the ParcelForce reference number. Oh! “Payment for this item has been made” I’m told.

I then tried to get in contact with someone (human) at ParcelForce and I have to say that I’ve never known a company to make it more difficult to talk to someone.

Anyway, I eventually got to talk to a person. After a whole load of security, I was again informed that the parcel was waiting for customs duty to be paid. I explained that I had paid. I gave the gentleman the date of payment and told him that I was looking at my bank account on my phone and that the payment is showing as having cleared.

The shipment would now be delivered on Monday, not tomorrow, which would have been Friday. I couldn't help myself and politely expressed my dissatisfaction. Apparently, my 'complaint' was noted.

So, today is Tuesday and at about 4:15 in the afternoon, the parcel finally arrived. That’s a week since I paid the customs duty and even longer since it entered the UK.

It’s of no surprise that this courier is often referred to ParcelFarce. It’s the only courier I’ve ever had dealings with, which has received a damages claim from me. I won’t go into that one as you’ll die laughing. I almost died out of shear frustration.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Worst courier ever award goes To ParcelFarce.