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Elektron MachineDrum Mk1 Replacement Display

Elektron no longer has stock of the display module for the MachineDrum Mk1 and after having received a unit that had been damaged in transit, I was left with little option other than to deliver an Elektron MachineDrum Mk1 replacement display.

Elektron MachineDrum Mk1 with new replacement display
Elektron MachineDrum Mk1 with new display. Also pictured is one of my PSU-MDMK1 power supplies.

The display cover was also cracked and although Elektron didn't have stock of the Mk1 cover, I was told that the Mk2 cover would fit. I contacted the customer and he agreed to proceed.

One of my specialities is vintage synth repair and renovation but I have to admit that it seems a bit weird getting something like a MachineDrume Mk1 in. Having said that, these are like twenty years old, now.

When the unit would 'fail' on switched on, you could still make out something on the display but it was very faint. All the controls worked and there was audio and MIDI so this quite definitely seemed like a display issue. Indeed after some further testing, I discovered that there was an intermittent problem with the contrast control on the original display.

Elektron MachineDrum Mk 1
This is the MachineDrum Mk1 as it arrived to me, with original display and display cover. In this image, you can't see the hairline crack in the display cover.

Unable to even source technical information on the original display, I decided to look around for similar 128 x 64 modules. I found several which looked like they would work and was even able to offer the customer a couple of colour options. We both agreed that white-on-blue might be an interesting contrast (pardon the pun) to the original black-on-orange display that many MachienDrum Mk1 users will be familiar with and so I ordered a Winstar 12864A-TMI-VN.

Elektron MachineDrum Mk1 replacement display Winstar WN12864A-TMI-VN
I used a Winstar WN12864A-TMI-VN to replace the original display in this Elektron MachineDrum Mk1.

The MachineDrum Mk 1 is a little fiddly to get into. Many screws aren't as accessible as perhaps they should be. Once in however, it's quite easy to disconnect the top PCB or User-Interface Board as it's known andΒ  remove the display module.

Elektron MachineDrum Mk1 Display Module 1
With the top panel removed, the Elektron MachineDrum Mk1 is reasonably servicable.

Once I had the original display disconnected, I could inspect the back and was relieved to discover that it was a Winstar, specifically a WG12864A-RYH-VRB.

Back of Winstar WN12864A-RYH-VRB
This is the back of original display module in the Elektron MachineDrum Mk1, confirming that's it's a Winstar WN12864A-RYH-VRB

I couldn't find this part anywhere and believe it to be long obsolete. The fact that I had chosen a similar replacement that's from the same manufacturer however, was reassuring, I have to admit.

Back of Winstar WN12864A-TMI-VN
And here's the back of the replacement display that I used.

I was careful when desoldering the pin strip that connects the display PCB to the UI board as I was hoping I'd be able to reuse it. I can't stress this enough but this kind of job is so much easier and far less risky when using a dedicated desoldering gun, as opposed to a manual, spring-action pump type desoldering tool.

Display Connection Strip
The salvaged contact strip isn't at all perfect like new but easily good enough for a secure electrical contact and physical support.

Nicely built-in, the LCD backlight on the new display is considerably more elegant than the relatively large LED backlight 'box' on the original. On first power up, the display came on full, like the whole thing lit up like a torch and you couldn't see anything! This suggested that the display voltage would have to be adjusted and after a little tweak, things looked much better! πŸ™‚

Elektron MachineDrum Mk1 with new display
Now doesn't that look cool... and brighter!

When Elektron told me that they could only provide a display cover for a Mk2, I was a bit apprehensive but this looks so much nicer than a cracked Mk1 display. Fantastic! Thanks Elektron.

During final inspection and testing, I noticed that one of the output sockets was cracked and the low-voltage input socket was a bit loose so while I had the machine in bits, I decided to changed them.

At this point I should emphasise the fact that Elektron customer service was just fantastic. The person I dealt with was fast to respond to my e-mails, very polite and extremely helpful. I feel obliged to mention this because unfortunately, many companies aren't too bothered when it comes to equipment that's long obsolete. It's very reassuring that Elektron isn't like that. The company obviously appreciates that supporting old gear, gives customers a lot of confidence. Elektron is definitely on my Good Guys list! πŸ™‚

So anyway, I'm delighted to report that my Elektron MachineDrum Mk1 replacement display job worked out really well and that the customer was particularly pleased. A little time-consuming and as mentioned, it was a bit fiddly but well worth it to get this pretty cool sounding drum machine going again.