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Nektar Impact – Best Tech Support Ever

Nektar MIDI Controllers - best tech support ever from Nektar - keyboard repairs in Hertfordshire

Customers’ units come first so when my own stuff needs repairing, it kind of gets put to the back of the que, especially if it’s not a critical system.
Anyway, a few weeks ago, the attack slider on my Nektar Impact LX61+ MIDI keyboard started playing up. I tried to do a quick fix but the potentiometer was definitely duff. I fired up a support ticket and received the most amazing response from Nektar. The company basically just sent me a whole new PCB! All I really wanted was the slider pot’.
Cost-effective, versatile and easy to program, the Nektar Imact range of MIDI controllers seems perfect for any project studio set-up. Now that I’ve experienced the company’s support first-had, I really can’t recommend them enough. Check 'em out yourself:
Mine’s a 61-note which means it’s only got USB out. With a USB switch though, I can run it into my DAW or to a USB MIDI host which allows me to drive my MIDI synths.