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Roland VK-7 Power Supply Rebuild

Roland VK-7 transformer power supply fix at Plasma Music - keyboard repairs in Hertfordshire

This Roland VK-7 power supply rebuild started with my friend, Alex Richards bringing me his broken machine. The transformer is mounted upside-down on the inside of the top chassis. Guess what? It fell off! The machine  was plugged in at the time so the accident caused considerable damage but luckily no one was injured.

To avoid this happening again, I mounted this heavy little component to the bottom (steel) chassis and laid new connections to the power supply board. Mounting the transformer to the chassis required some hole drilling but at least the transformer was undamaged. I don't think I would have been able to source a replacement if it wasn't.

Twenty years old, has taken quite a few knocks but it plays and sounds great. Check out more on the Roland VK-7 here.

If you have one of these and there's no power, perhaps you can hear or feel something loose inside, then contact me for a Roland VK-7 power supply rebuild.