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A lot of orders for Guy Wilkinson's P0004 MKS-70 power supply
Ne batch of P0004 PCBs arrived from my dear friend Guy Wilkinson, this morning.

I'm wondering just how many MKS-70s Roland made! While I've been building P0004 power supplies for a while now, recently things have gone nuts and this weekend looks like it's going to be a P0004 weekend.

I've had so many orders that yet again, I had to ask my friend Guy Wilkinson to send me more PCBs, which all turned up this morning (THANKS Guy). 🙂

2 x MKS-70 in for upgrades

If you don't already know about this, you're seriously missing out, or rather your synth is missing out!

Guy's P0004 power supply for the Roland MKS-70, uses AC / DC converters and some very clever (and beautiful) filtering, providing nice and steady supply rails to the Roland JX-10, MKS-70 and the JX-9P.

Switched-mode power supply for Roland MKS-70
Switched-mode power supply for Roland Super-JX and JX-8P.

Read more about Guy Wilkinson's P0004 power supply for the Roland Super-JX here.