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RE-MPG-80 Rack Ears for the Roland MPG-80

This has been a long and frustrating wait as ever since I launched my RE-MKS-70 and RE-MKS-80 replacement rack ears, I’ve had enquiries to make similar kits for other products, so I’m pleased to announce my RE-MPG-80 rack ears for the Roland MPG-80.

RE-MPG-80 replacement rack ears for the Roland MPG-80
RE-MPG-80 replacement rack ears for the Roland MPG-80, mounted to my new machine!

I bought my MKS-80 off my employer, Roland (UK), in 1989. Even with staff discount, this thing was quite expensive and when you consider that I’m actually a guitarist, the purchase was even more questionable. Ah well…

RE-MPG-80 replacement rack ears for the Roland MPG-80
I'm really happy with these replacement rack ears. They look stunning.

Prior to computer editors, let alone third-party controllers like the Retroaktiv MPG-8X, why on earth then, didn’t I also purchase a MPG-80 at the same time? Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll? Who knows?

So, thirty-two years later, a lovely customer of mine who recently acquired a Retroaktiv MPG-8X, put up his Roland MPG-80 for sale. I made Dan an offer which he conditionally accepted, the condition being that I service his latest acquisition; a Roland SH-101. Well, I said I'd have to think about it... for like five seconds, LOL and then we shook hands. 🙂 You can read all about Dan's SH-101 service, here.

Dan’s MPG-80 was pristine and had been serviced before he bought it. Hence my keenness to grab this particular example. I now have a hardware controller for my beloved MKS-80 but… more importantly, I have rack ears! YAY!!!! I can now design a pair of rack ears for this box and keep some of my customers happy.

Just like the originals, my RE-MPG-80 rack ears for the Roland MPG-80, are made of 2mm mild steel and are powder coated with a lush, matt black finish. They fit perfectly and look great. I’m really happy with what Lenton Engineering has produced.

RE-MPG-80 replacement rack ears for the Roland MPG-80
A perfect fit and the finish is just great!

Supplied with black M5 machine screws, all you need is a pozidrive screwdriver, to get these fitted to your own MPG-80 in a couple of minutes.

RE-MPG-80 replacement rack ears kit
Of course, you get the rack ears but also included are four fixing screws that seem much 'blacker' than the originals.

The number of MPG-80s and indeed MKS-80s, on the planet is shrinking, so the market for custom replacement parts and upgrades is inclined to follow a similar path. I therefore only get things like the RE-MPG-80 rack ears, made in small batches.