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RE-MKS-70 replacement rack-ears for the Roland MKS-70 at Plasma Music

I've been meaning to do this for a very long time and finally, over lock-down, I decided to design a pair of rack ears for the Roland MKS-70.

I produced some plans from the rack ears of my own MKS-70 and this morning I got a text informing me that the prototypes were ready to collect. I didn’t bother getting these anodised as I wanted to be sure that they fit properly.

Well I have to say that I’m pretty chuffed with myself and Lenton Engineering in Watford. Always following my drawings precisely and consistently delivering perfect prototypes for me since 1985, I just love these guys.

Please note:

  • These rack ears do NOT fit any other Roland module
  • Only available in black
  • Only available in pairs

Just like the originals, these rack ears are made from aluminium with a black anodised coating and a horizontally running mill finish. Supplied with eight black M4 countersunk machine screws, all you need to fit them, is a screwdriver! 🙂

RE-MKS-70 Replacement Rack Ears Fitted to Roland MKS-70 at Plasma Music

I'm now happy to announce that these rack ear kits are available to purchase.

IMPORTANT: Shipping price is for worldwide delivery. 🙂

I've also designed a pair of rack ears for the Roland MKS-80, which again were based on the rack ears of my own unit. These are more versatile than the MKS-70 rack ears and fit several Roland modules from the eighties. Check out this post for details.

Plasma Music Limited -

I'm deeply concerned about the environment and the exploitation of labour and so  I always use local manufacturers in preference to the Far East, with the following in mind:

  1. I can be confident that workers are treated fairly and earn a proper wage.
  2. I can be confident of the standard of quality of each item that is delivered to me.
  3. Communication is important and using local manufacturers, all correspondence is quick and understandable.
  4. I believe in supporting the local economy.
  5. I can be confident that the disposal of manufacturing waste is managed properly and in accordance with national and EU law.

Plasma Music uses local manufacturers

Using local manufacturers isn’t the cheapest option but the above points are important to me. I hope that they’re important to you too.