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Label for the Roland M-64C Memory Cartridge

In my post of 24th June in which I discuss changing the battery on the Roland M-64C, I mentioned how sometimes it seems necessary to destroy the label to open the cartridge. I also mentioned that to help out a few people, I thought I'd design a replacement label for the Roland M-64C memory cartridge. This post elaborates on the design that I've come up with.

Plasma Music label for Roland M-64C cartridge
Here's my second attempt of a replacement label for the Roland M-64C. This has now been tweaked (third version) and the orange line at the bottom, now more resembles the original.

Roland printed the original on a super-thin metalized medium. That was difficult for me to do but my printer did manage to produce a thin, self-adhesive, vinyl label. Diverse Print & Design advised me to include a bleed layer and a cut layer on the file. The test print of version 3, was pretty good!

Roland M-64C Replacement Labels with Roland and Plasma Music Logos
Here's my third version with an orange line at the bottom that's more like the original. Not wanting to infringe any copyright so the version on the left, was scrapped.

So as it happens, I've just repaired and modified a MKS-70 to full 'mod spec' and it's ready to ship back to Washington, USA. The customer asked me to change the battery in the M-64C that he included with his machine and this was the ideal opportunity to design a replacement label for the Roland M-64C memory cartridge.

MKS-70 about to ship back to USA

I'm now thinking that I'm just going to give these away when I get eighties Roland gear in for repair, service or modifying. If you want to have a go at printing these yourself, you can download the Adobe Acrobat file here. Either you or your printer will need Adobe Illustrator to isolate the bleed and cut layers.

So I posted on Facebook and of course someone came back saying that they have a couple of M-16C cartridges. 😂🤣Here you go!