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New Marshall JMP-1 Category in On-Line Store

I have a lot of requests for parts and information for the Marshall JMP-1. To keep things simple and straight-forward, I've therefore decided to make dedicated Marshall JMP-1 category in my on-line store.

Marshall JMP-1 stuff at Plasma Music

I don't offer original Marshall spares as they're obsolete and therefore impossible to procure. My new Marshall JMP-1 category in my on-line store however, does comprise some goodies which are either very close to the original items or 'smarter', if you know what I mean. My performance knob and bezel set which bears a close resemblance to the originals, is for example, offered alongside a 'studio' knob and bezel set which looks very cool.

Marshall JMP-1 Knobs Nuts and Bezels
From the bottom (why didn't I stack them the other way around) we have original knobs, my performance knobs and then, my studio knobs.

I've developed things like Eclipse which fixes the annoying skipping of the data encoder as these things are getting rather old now. What am I saying? Marshall didn't do this properly in the first place! 🙁

Eclipse Bounce Eliminator for the Marshall JMP-1
Eclipse bounce eliminator for the Marshall JMP-1.

And then there's my PML-TX01 replacement transformer for the Marshall JMP-1. Comprising laminates that are made from a different (more expensive) material than was used in the original, my transformer runs cooler and will theoretically live a lot longer. I even managed to get this made in the same factory that made the original Dagnall TXMA-00014.

A replacement transformer for the Marshall JMP-1, my very quiet PML-TX01
My PML-TX01 replacement transformer for the Marshall JMP-1 fits like a glove and runs cooler and quieter than the original.

At the moment, I'm in the middle of getting together a replacement screw kit and replacement rack-ear reinforcement brackets for the JMP-1. In fact, yesterday's post was all about my new RE-JMP-1 brackets! 🙂 As soon as my screw kit and brackets are good to go, they'll be assimilated into my new Marshall JMP-1 category in my on-line store. 😀 There's also a top-secret JMP-1 project under development which I'm busting to share with but... well, just check in regularly!