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It's already been a busy MKS Winter 2023 as for some crazy reason, I'm getting a lot of MKS-70s and MKS-80s in at the moment. Hey, my favourite synths but seriously?!?!?

A busy MKS Winter 2023 with lot of MKS-70 and MKS-80 synth modules are coming into Plasma Music recently

Yes, I love 'em. I know them really well but still relish the challenges that they throw at me. Some of those pictured above are from overseas which makes me feel quite humbled to have that kind of reputation.

For those interested and starting from the top...

  • Roland MKS-70 requiring full service and ALL upgrades.
  • Roland MKS-70 that needed a new power supply (like Guy Wilkinson’s P0004) and replacement front panel switches.
  • Roland MKS-80 which had two duff voices. The customer also wanted Aurora replacement modular switched-mode power supply installed.
  • Roland MKS-70 with a serious CPU-board issue (which might take me a while).

The JX-10 module-board just caught to the left of the picture above but fully shown below, has been sent from a local (UK) customer and has some serious audio issues.

Faulty JX-10 Module-Board is just one of the many MKS Super-JX things I have in at the moment

It's funny how things go from amps to synths, then back to amps with the odd 59kg piano thrown in there somewhere! 😀

Almost up to date, I've had a lot of orders for AT-D-50, AT-JX-8P, AT-AJ-2 and AT-JX-10 replacement aftertouch sensors, as well as other stuff and a busy MKS Winter 2023 has got me working all hours, right now.

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